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What is SkillsLab?

SkillsLab is a resource hub for every hungry sales and marketer with a passion for expanding their knowledge in the consistent growing marketing and sales industry. We have various resources available both, free and premium.

Why did we create Skills Lab?

SkillsLab was founded by acclaimed social selling experts Jason Sibley and Jack Kosakowski as a learning platform for those who are keen to improve their sales and marketing skills. We achieve this by delivering high-quality actionable courses, webinars, eBooks and much more.

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Meet the team

We are a bunch of experts in sales, social selling and marketing. We are passionate about the industry and are keen to help you expand your knowledge in those areas.

Jason Sibley

CEO / Head of Strategy

Having spent 18 years either running his own agency or an agency for others, Jason has strong expertise in both B2B and retail marketing, and has been working with large clients on how to bring campaigns to market.

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Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division)

Jack is known for leading the charge in sales innovation. He has a proven track record of working with top organizations to help them integrate social into their traditional sales process.

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Kevin Thomas Tully

Global Director of Social Selling Operations

Kevin is a globally-recognized Social Selling and Big Data strategist who employed the principles of Social Selling long before the term entered the popular business vernacular.

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Gareth O'Sullivan

Content Marketing Manager

Gareth is a digital marketer and blogger with various experience on social media platforms. He’s the head of content and focusses on helping people get the most value from emerging social networks.

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Ollie Whitfield

Social Selling Executive

Ollie helps clients use social selling and finds new ways to optimise their processes. When Ollie isn’t working, he’s usually found playing a few games of pool or football.              

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Lucy Spooner

Social Media Manager

Lucy manages a range of social channels and knows the ins-and-outs of social media posting like the back of her hand. In her spare time, she writes fantasy stories and is working on her first novel.

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