5 Creative Direct Mail Campaigns to Help You Book More Sales Meetings

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Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division) of Creation Agency

Kris Rudeegraap

CEO of Sendoso

Trying to figure out “if” and “how” you can use direct mail campaigns to help you book more meetings? 

In the noisy world of digital marketing, sales and marketing teams are looking for new ways to reach their customers in a more personalized and strategic way. Direct mail is emerging as one of the most effective ways to get the attention of your buyers offline and drive more meetings. 

In this free masterclass, Kris Rudeegraap (CEO of Sendoso) is going to walk you through 5 examples of creative direct mail campaigns that sales teams are using and having tons of success with.

What You'll Learn:

  • 5 REAL examples of direct mail campaigns with high conversion rates
  • Direct mail best practices for SDRs and AEs looking to book more meetings
  • Key components to automating your direct mail outreach
  • How to set up the perfect direct mail campaign (from start to finish)

Watch the webinar and skyrocket your sales success today!

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