5 Step Process To Mastering The Sales Follow Up


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Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division) of Creation Agency

Tom Chenault

Founder of Contact Mapping

Adrian Chenault

Founder of Contact Mapping

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Create a 5 step process for sales follow up and manage your sales follow up from your phone

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Creative messaging strategies to lead with value vs ask on the follow up

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Ask better questions to give yourself ample touchpoints for future conversations

Did you know that 44% of salespeople give up after one follow-up with their prospects? Did you know that 92% of salespeople give up after no sales on the 4th call?

And yet, 60% of customers say no four times before eventually saying yes. The overwhelming majority of sellers are missing out on 60% of their opportunity set by giving up too soon.

Salespeople seem to have gotten lost in their sales efforts, forgetting the purpose of the call. Yes, you are trying to get their business, but you’re also developing a relationship with this individual and company. Customers hear plenty of sales pitches and calls, and will immediately say no if they do not see how they are being served.

It is important to view your customer as an individual and not simply as a business transaction. It’s ok if you don’t break through the first time: It takes time to establish relationships.

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