Webinar: How to Unlock Your Most Powerful Marketing Channel

by Glenn Gaudet and Jason Sibley.

Weekly Ongoing | Recording available

In this webinar we're going to introduce you to the perfect tool to unlock your most powerful marketing channel - your staff's social media followers!

As a business, when you are spending time and money on content, don’t you want to make sure it reaches the right audience? And odds are that your staff are sharing content already but it's just not in your view. 

Join GaggleAMP founder and CEO, Glenn Gaudet and Founder of Creation Agency, Jason Sibley as they discuss how to engage your employees to develop a social amplification strategy. the perfect tool to support your team in this process and some client examples of it in action.

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What will I learn?

  • How Creation Agency came to use Social Amplification to revolutionise how their clients go to market in B2B campaigns.
  • How internal team members can support corporate content marketing by connecting with a wider audience.
  • How you can guide posts and actions of your wider company team to great marketing effect.
  • How social amplification raises brand awareness and get's you social engagement en masse.

Meet Your Speakers

Jason Burrows

Founder and CEO, Creation Agency

Glenn Gaudet

Founder and CEO, GaggleAMP

What is GaggleAMP?

GaggleAMP activates your employees to drive digital engagement. Their employee advocacy solution makes it easy and fun for employees to share relevant content on social media and perform actions to enhance your organisation's digital marketing efforts. Learn more about how GaggleAMP can help you engage your employees to develop a social amplification strategy.


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