How Enterprise Sales Teams are Using Video to Drive Sales


Meet Your Hosts

Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division) of Creation Agency

Charles Moreton

CRO of Videolicious

What You'll Learn

You'll learn

the challenges with traditional phone and email sales outreach

You'll find out

why video outperforms other kinds of content

You'll learn

ways to use video throughout the sales cycle

You'll find out

how to align video selling with existent sales plays

Modern sales organizations need to stand out in order to reach modern buyers. Sellers are still making phone calls and sending emails, despite mounting evidence that these strategies are becoming less effective in reaching buyers and persuading them to purchase.

Video is the solution. Not only is video the most engaging and most popular form of content available today, but it also creates real connections with buyers that engage them emotionally while opening doors to meaningful sales conversations that help close deals.

 Join Charles Moreton, CRO of Videolicious, as he explains how video is revolutionizing the way we engage and sell to buyers and how to make video a part of a winning sales strategy.

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