How to Build the Perfect Sales Presentation


Meet Your Hosts

Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division) of Creation Agency

Jake Reni

VP of Sales at Tiled

What You'll Learn

Learn The

importance of creating connections between services and prospects

Learn How To

be more relevant and less generic, plus the do’s and don’ts of a sales presentation

Discover The

importance of anticipating objections

Scripts are great for movies, plays, even in technology. Do you know where scripts are not great? In sales.

A sales presentation is a way to show a client how you can solve a problem they are having, and how you will provide them with value.

However, not everyone has the same problems.

If you follow a script, you are not speaking to the client as a person or individual - you are speaking to them as a number.

Regardless of your experience in sales, it never hurts to get a tune up.

Join Jake Reni and Jack Kosakowski as they talk about the ways to avoid a stale and irrelevant pitch and build the perfect sales presentation in 2019.


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