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The New Way To Generate Thousands of B2B Sales Leads

Meet Your Hosts

Jack Kosakowski

CEO (US Division) of Creation Agency

Amir Reiter

CEO of CloudTask

Tom Jenkins

Sales Chat Specialist, CloudTask

What You'll Learn

You'll learn

the challenges to generating leads through traditional means.

You'll find out

what sales chat is and how it can be used for B2B lead generation.

You'll learn

the six steps to success from drafting quality chat templates, to training a specialized b2b sales team, and much more.

You'll find out

the results you can expect to see - including a SaaS company opening up almost $1m of pipeline in Q1 2018 alone.

Learn how Sales Chat will enable you to generate thousands of B2B leads a month. 

Email marketing can be effective but challenging, connecting on the phone is powerful but difficult and whilst form filling still works, what if there was a new way to enhance all these strategies and generate thousands of qualified sales leads a month.

There is! That way is sales chat.

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