How GDPR Will Affect Your Email Marketing Strategy (And How To Stay Compliant)


Meet Your Hosts

Jason Sibley

Global CEO at Creation Agency

Steve Lehr

Founder at Ringlead

You'll learn

how to make sure your email marketing data is GDPR compliant

You'll find out

what the new opt-in regulations look like

You'll learn

what the impact of GDPR looks like from a global marketing perspective

You'll find out

how to de-dupe your data for compliance purposes

GDPR is only a month away from going into effect. If you are like most marketers than you haven’t even started thinking about the impact this is going to have on your email marketing strategy on a global scale.

Jason Sibley and Steve Lehr will take a deep dive into defining GDPR as it relates to email and data. What are the new opt-in policies? How will your old data be impacted? What are the legal consequences if you don’t adhere to the new regulations? Find out how US marketers will be impacted.


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