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Get more results from your sales efforts

Looking for  training solutions to help grow your sales team and bring in more results? Our high-quality sales training courses teach everything you need to know in order to get results using a social selling process designed around creating, strengthening, and influencing the 1-1 conversation using social media as the vehicle.

No matter what aspect of the sales industry you are looking to sharpen your knowledge on, our courses are designed to help you drive more results and help you progress in your sales career.

At SkillsLab, we're big believers in providing value, so all of our social selling and sales training courses include key takeaways. Each and every video are bite-sized so they are easy to follow with actionable tips.

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“I've spent years studying sales I've spent hundreds and thousands of dollars taking different sales training courses and this one separates itself from the rest by giving you tangible real and simple tasks to position yourself and grow your business organically. Jack and his team have hit it out of the ballpark” 

— Adon Rigg, Sales Executive



“Jack and Jason demystify social selling and show you how to create a strategic plan, and stop wasting time. They start with your WHY and guide you to map out where your online focus should be. You’ll learn where to find shareable content for your industry, how to use hashtags, how to optimize your profiles, and how to position your brand online in an authentic way. This course is no fluff, all value. If you want to thrive in today’s changing economy, you need to take this course.”

— Anita Moore, Marketing/CRM, Span the Chasm

LinkedIn Sales Training Course

Our LinkedIn Sales Training course includes 18 high-quality actionable videos that teach you a wide range of things for LinkedIn success.

Some topics in this course include; how to optimize your LinkedIn profile, find specific content online to drive your LinkedIn strategy, the process of integrating LinkedIn into your sales process, the art of messaging that drives engagement and conversation and the do's and don'ts of LinkedIn inmails.


Twitter Sales Training Course

The Twitter Sales Training course includes 18 high-quality videos designed to help sales professionals like yourself.

Some of the topics include; optimizing your Twitter profile, using content to create 1-1 targeted conversations, learn how to use Twitter insights to help you warm up cold calls, the art of messaging that drives Twitter engagement and conversation and also the key Twitter strategies to help you win more business.


Social Selling Training Course

Our 12-week social selling training course is designed to teach you how to turn SOCIAL into SALES. The course is guided through the process by industry experts Jack Kosakowski and Jason Sibley. The course includes 60 how-to videos full of key takeaways, worksheets and a long-term strategy to help you monetise your own social selling process.

You'll learn everything from getting started with social selling, identifying and organically getting involved social conversations, creating and curating content that creates 1-1 inbound conversations to staying out of the social selling friend zone and achieve offline conversations, driving you more business.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator Training Course

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most powerful tool on the internet for lead generation and gathering context to use in your prospecting. It's the modern sales professional’s best friend, and has a wealth of powers that allow you to find laser targeted leads as well as accounts who have problems or opportunities making them ready for your solution and service.

In this LinkedIn Sales Navigator training course, you'll learn everything about using the tool for LinkedIn success and discovering what PointDrive can do, the new breed of landing page which is perfect for creating one to one conversation and social selling.


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