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Custom Social Promotion Videos

Custom Square Video Promo Example

Square videos are perfect for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Engage your audience and prospects with a unique square promo video. Our customers typically use these for promoting webinars, podcasts, articles and events.


Custom Animation Video Promo Example

Animated videos are perfect for capturing attention and engaging your audience and prospects. Our customers typically purchase these for sharing insightful discussions on webinars, podcasts, events and much more.

Custom Social Promotion Video Examples

Need a variety of video promo types? Then this package is best suited for your business. You'll receive one square video, one YouTube video and one InstaStory video.


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Single Custom Square Video Promo


up to 6 slides / 30 secs

1 Custom Square Video

High-Quality MP4 File

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Custom Animation Video Promo Package


9 minutes in total / 3 minutes per video

1 Square Animation Video

1 YouTube Animation Video

1 InstaStory Animation Video

High-Quality MP4 Files

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Custom Social Promotion Video Package


up to 6 slides / 30 secs

1 Square Video
1 YouTube Video
1 InstaStory Video

High-Quality MP4 Files

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